Even as a child, Paul was an enthusiastic carrier pigeon lover who was a member of RV Dresden as the youngest sports fan. For a few years now he has had the responsible role of flight director there. He moved from Dresden to Müncheberg to turn his hobby into a profession. Since 2018 he has been the loft caretaker of the Prussian Derby and has thought about how to use the loft more effectively over the year. He decided to set up his own race.

A winter race in the beautiful city of Müncheberg is probably unique in Germany.

Not far from the capital Berlin is the pigeon loft, which offers space for several thousand pigeons.

The “pigeon castle” is equipped with 9 lofts, 2 quarantine lofts and a generous free flight aviary.

All loft compartments are characterized by the same seating structure, but differ in the wall colors.

The fully heated beating system is built on gratings over a deep manure pit in order to meet a high hygienic level.